Chris Hazeltucky (Brasil)/ folk americana

Okt 2015

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Worldwide tours with his fun duo Canja Rave, traveling through great countries like USA, Canada, Europe (13 countries), Brasil and Japan have brought Chris Kochenborger amazing experiences that impacted him for life. To go further in music, he re-invented himself… and Hazeltucky came to exist!

The new character has a strong past story with Detroit (MI), where Chris Hazeltucky’s soul is claimed to be from… He descends from a long line of ancestors from Kentucky that chose the so called „Hazel Park“ as their neighborhood to live in Detroit.

Hazeltucky likes justice and tells the things right to people’s faces, fighting the everyday evil! Likes to keep things right, to make a better world.. Super-hero, vigilante style? All this with music! Positive attitudes and funny stunts as well!

The amount of abandoned houses in Detroit made him sell his car in order to buy one of those, but since nobody lives around anyway, his animals wonder in and out of what has become known as „Hazeltucky’s ranch“. It is in that place that he writes his music and makes plans for a better world.

Some great and known musicians like: Hique Gomez, Alex Rossi, Alexandre „Papel“ Loureiro, Luciano Leães, Gabriel Guedes, Jim Diamond, Skinny Jim Tennessee, have already supported his project with their musical contributions! All these participating musicians situated all over the world, bring the pieces together, and become this striking lightning, that gives birth to the creature. That is what inspired the album’s title.. it will „come to life“…

DOORS 19:30
TICKET 20.- (Students)/25.- CHF