DAMIR IMAMOVIC /// (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Okt 2014

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Homepage: http://www.damirimamovic.com/?lang=en

Damir Imamović (DI) was born in 1978 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Although he showed interest in music since childhood, he devoted himself to it only after studying philosophy.

In 2004 he worked with Farah Tahirbegović on a monography of his grandfather and one of the most influental sevdah singers – Zaim Imamović. That book introduced him to the world of sevdah and the world of professional music. Soon he started developing his own repertoire while performing in Bosnia and abroad. More important among first performances are: concert in Turkish cultural center in Sarajevo (March 2005), performance at the Center Pompidou in Paris (2005), recording with Vlatko Stefanovski for a CD compillation «Bentbaša – Bosnian Love Song» (Goethe/Yaman, 2008), as well as a series of «Sevdah Ripablik» concerts in Sarajevo’s «Karabit» (buybook, Art gallery of B-H).

DOORS 19:00
TICKET 20.- (Students)/15.- CHF