D’AQUI DUB (Marseilles and Bosnia) balkan, post-punk rhythms and bass rock

Mai 2015

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FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/daquidub
WEBSITE – http://www.daquidub.com/

These musicians from Marseilles and Bosnia …

… fly a resolutely international flag and set off a truly wonderful fireworks display. D’Aqui Dub dips into the melting-pot of Mediterranean culture in order to experiment with a new type of music: one that is haunted by Occitan songs, touched by the breeze of Balkan music and led onwards by the hectic post-punk rhythms. Bouzouki, bombarde, machines and bass rock cross paths with hypnotic electro, mysterious dub, spellbinding traditional transe and improvised music.
It’s dark and luminous, haunting and inspired.

DOORS 19:30
TICKET 15.- (Students)/25.- CHF