MINDEN (USA- Portland) pop

Mär 2016

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Website http://www.mindenband.com/
Bandcamp http://minden.bandcamp.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mindenband

Die Band stammt zwar ursprünglich aus Kansas City, im Juni 2012 siedelt Minden nach Portland, Oregon und machten sich in der bunten und international sehr gehypten Musikszene schnell einen Namen. Eine selbst veröffentliche Platte (Exotic Cakes), ihre absurd- witzigen Musikvideos, Webserien, Festivals, Lieder auf verschiedenen Kompilationen und eine EP lassen Ihre Beliebtheit stetig wachsen. Im März 2016 präsentiert sich die Band mit neuem Album: „Sweet Little Things“ zum ersten Mal in Europa.


Founded in January 2011 in Kansas City, MO by songman Casey Burge (vocals, guitar) and longtime associates Lia Gist (vocals), James Taylor (guitar), Evan Houston (bass), and Ryan Johnson (drums). Minden relocated to Portland, OR in June 2012, where local players Papi Fimbres (percussion) and Sam Adams (occasional keyboards) were brought into the fold.

In both regions, a reputation quickly developed through their live party vibes, spreading via year-round weekly open BBQs, a self-released LP (Exotic Cakes), music videos, EPs, and appearances on various compilations, web series, festivals and showcases.

The flamboyant and distinct energy is seductive enough, with its timeless emphasis on solid grooves and classic chords filtered raw through group moods ranging from funk & soul to lounge & bossa nova. The real riches, though, are in the memorable hooks and vocal harmonies, centered around bold lyrical takes on power dynamics & human tendencies, dressed up as sexual-spiritual monologues.
It’s all distilled down into the group’s new single & video „Saint“ (above), a golden hour hit that dips suggestively into vague occult zones.
Both „Saint“ and b-side „Don’t Want A Laugh“ were recorded in Portland in 2015 with Michael Finn (The Domestics); the video features the band and was shot on location locally by Benjamin Ross Lyerly.

DOORS 19:30
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