REZA DINALLY (ch) indie folk rock

Nov 2015

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Those who remember Reza Dinally as a troubadour armed only with an acoustic guitar and a voice to melt stone, will receive a mighty surprise when they hear “Depths of Montmartre”. For his first full album, Dinally and his band have forged a massive sound that appears even bigger than it really is because of the slow and deliberate pace of the music. The songs are allowed all the time in the world to breathe and unfold. And yet, despite the white hot intensity, the album moves with an effortless grace. It exudes a rare sense of warmth, lightness and light.

A wealth of detail serves to achieve this effect: quicksilver piano runs, subtle touches of percussion, cheekily counter-instinctive drumming, a vapour-like hint of strings, plus, once or twice, the light and easy breeze of an acoustic guitar. And, of course, that voice.

“Monumental” is a big word. Not a word to be bandied about lightly. But here it is. And there’s no way around it. “Monumental” was the first word that sprang to mind when I heard Reza Dinally’s debut album “Depths of Montmartre”. Weeks later, it’s still there, refusing to budge. Fear not, though. I don’t mean “monumental” in the sense of dark Stalin statues and pompous prog.-rock workouts. What I do mean is “monumental” in the sense of a rock – immovable, timeless, and impossible to climb without leaving behind some sweat and skin.


DOORS 19:30
TICKET 20.- (Students)/25.- CHF